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The correct use of global site lists

Just looking for best practices on using global site lists as I think I'm using them wrong @Sven

I basically have 3 different types of projects running.
[1] Running scraped URLs to check the validity 
[2[ projects where I'm using validated URLs as well as searching to get target URLs
[3] projects posting to only validated URLs

So enabling Identified, Submitted, Verified and Failed lists in Advanced Options, I'm hoping to have scraping/posting time in my projects.

[1] For scraping only [projects where I import URLs, I have enabled global site lists of Identified and Failed only
is this correct so SER bypasses imported URLs that have already been identified?

[2] For projects where I'm searching for new Target URLs and using already Verified targets, I've enabled global site lists of Submitted and Verified
is this correct so I post to Verified, and can repost to already Submitted targets? or should I also enable Identified so the searching of Target URLs can bypass already searched targets?

[3] projects posting to only validated URLs - only Validated URL global lists are enabled. I'm reasonably certain this is OK but just checking :)

I've looked at the manual but couldn't find examples where global lists are used effectively.

Cheers and thanks


  • SvenSven
    [1] SER will use imported URLs in priority to the others it will read from site lists or search engines (if enabled in project option). If SER didn't try to submit there before, it will proceed any new target URL (whomever it got it from) and also add it to site lists. The only exception where it is not adding things to the site list ist:
    • a) you use the project option "Don`t add"
    • b) disabled site list in global options
    • c) the target URL was originally taken from same site list

    [2] no need to have submitted site lists activated in project options if you just want it to re-post to verified

    [3] yes ok
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