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$75 to set up my website contact tool

Hey experts I need to pay you to set up the following:

I will buy 10 private proxies to start a campaign, for faster and more secured results and for URL redirects, and to run it with 100 threads and for also not having to buy multiple email domains, and for the alteration of the subject/message/content, is this correct?

I will be using captcha2 and I need to set up for that as well.

I need to use spin syntax on all fields, set up needed as well.

 and I need to use macros, set up needed. as well as the option out set up needed.

Can you do this for $75 and use a screen recorder to record it while you are setting everything up so I can use it for quidance later on?

Hope to hear from someone soon!


  • Hi Mate,
    you do not have to pay anything, if you watch: 
    Good luck
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