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Solving H-Captcha

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I have noticed that H-Captcha is now solvable.
Does anyone have any experience with the options?

I have a license for XEvil. The latest one can solve H Captcha, but my proxies only work with G Recaptcha.
Anyone encounter this also? How did you solve the issue?

Also, I wonder which external services out there can solve H Captcha. Anyone using any external API-based services?


  • Hey! Take a look to, we can solve hcaptcha :)
  • I had a quick look on Github and found a number of hcaptcha solving repositories such as and - so much stuff in Github
    I'd be more interested whether @Sven can incorporate this sort of code into GSA Captcha Breaker for an inclusive solution
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  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but all of these solutions would need a real browser that performs javascript execution. Im afraid that this is not possible right now. But thanks for the links, I will study them anyway.
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  • websubmitterwebsubmitter Cebu City, Philippines
    You can use they offer a very easy to implement API
  • SvenSven
    already part of GSA products
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  • XEvil 6.0 [Beta-19] can solve both Captcha but you have to use IPv6 for G Captcha and a residential proxy for H Captcha.
    It is work great with GSA
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    GSASERnet said:
    XEvil 6.0 [Beta-19] can solve both Captcha but you have to use IPv6 for G Captcha and a residential proxy for H Captcha.
    It is work great with GSA
    Thanks you for sharing this. I only recently discovered that the different tabs in the XEvil [R/H]Module monitor allow for two different proxy list files to be set for H Captcha and G Captcha.

    Do you have any recommendations for proxy providers for each IPv6 for reCAPTCHA and the residential proxies for use with H-CAPTCHA?

    I definitely need to review my entire proxy set-up, including scraping proxies and private proxies, besides all this. Getting back into working with GSA programs, this is the last aspect I need to straighten out. Then, finally, on to playing with GSA Content Generator and fun APIs....
  • Regarding proxy for XEvil 6, you need IPv6 and a residential proxy for hcaptcha.
    IPv6 you can search here you find a lot of providers in a cheap price. I use 2 diff. providers.
    Regarding IPV4 residential proxies also I use also from here in the forum:
    both are working fine for me. Good luck
    if you need also setup your XEvil just pm me with your skype, and we can set up together it takes ca. 5 min. if you have both proxy :smiley:
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  • @sven on github there are many algorithms to solve different types of captchas. It would be great if one day you give GSA Captcha Breaker steroids. It would motivate many users.
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