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Posting on self hosting WP

I've been trying to post to a self-hosted WordPress website for a while now. Everything works as it should; the only problem is the categories. No matter what I try, GSA always creates the same category; I think it's something like "food and beverage."

There are several posts here on the forum for this, but they are all from a long time ago, and the only one where the answer is given, the link to a solution, is broken.

So, please, how do I set GSA to create categories from the words that I give it? It can also be a solution to create the categories manually, and after that, GSA can randomly select one of them.

Thanks in advance.



  • Oh, yeah. I'm using a default WP engine
  • SvenSven
    In the project setup you can define the category. That one will also be used to create a new one and post articles to it.
  • I try that, Project Data -> Data -> Category

    There are a lot of categories. It tried adding all of them, adding my categories, but each post goes into a category "Food & BeverageWine"

    is there any tutorial for this. Sorry to bother you, but I really need this.
  • SvenSven
    The categories you have there are just suggestions. You can of course add your own ones and for Wordpress you should simply name them as the same as you have defined them already.
  • I set it up as you instructed but it still creates the same category. Attached is a screen shot how I set up GSA. 

  • SvenSven
    Oh, it created the categories, but the articles later one where not posted there!?
  • No, these are categories that I manually created.

    I tried without the categories first, to see if GSA would create them, but it always created "Food & BeverageWine".

    Then I created these categories manually and inserted them into DATA in GSA, but GSA still did not select them, but created "Food & BeverageWine" of its own.
  • SvenSven
    Can you send a project backup or account to debug this (send in private message)
  • Once again, thank you very much. This is amazing. Sven is a genius
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