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How - random macro


I'm trying to understand the random macro better
how do I randomize between double-digit numbers, for example, between 00 and 36? or even triple digits
from the docs, I can only determine that the random macro works only on single digits/characters


  • OK, found it :)
    %random-0-38% found in the pop-up macros. nice
  • But how do I use this is a filename, correctly?
    I'm trying to extract a line from a group of text. example-
    These two test lines produce the following output using the project test -

    As you can see, the %spinfile line isn't working, in extracting the random line content
    but the filename line is working in pulling a random file.

    Thoughts on getting this to work for me, @Sven

  • SvenSven
  • SWEET!!!
    thanks so much, @Sven

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