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Search Engine Scraping Performance

edited December 2022 in Need Help

I'm confused with low performance while scraping the search engines.

GSA SER is provided with 1000 proxies. They are all mine and have the following format: same_ip:different_port.
The same IP is because my proxy server rotates a pool of IPs on its own, and I'm actually testing it while playing with GSA SER.

I set "Custom time to wait between search queries" = 1 second! And expect 1 query through each proxy every few seconds. But I have T:0..1 instead.

I've attached the log file. It looks like GSA considers one IP = one proxy, ignoring the different port number, therefore it waits 1 second.

Please advise.

UPDATE: GSA SER uses target IP rather than domain while making CONNECT request to the proxy :( Is there any way to disable such behavior? I need domains in CONNECT requests. 

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