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Hello, thanks for responding. I have created a few profiles. I believe they rank at PR 7 - is this correct? I'm new to this. However I am not sure how to integrate them with GSA Search Engine ranker. Does anyone know what I need to do? What specific url I need to use for these specific profiles I created? Will I need to manually approve them?

Is there an alternative of creating these profiles and then putting the links to my websites on them and then indexing them manually with another service? Does anyone know of any others? I don't think I could do this with the GSA Indexer which I also purchased.

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    hmm just a little info ... i made some edublogs too and a few after a while shown a message like i have to describe whats on my blog and this will be sent to a admin for approval check .. if they don't get through its down forever beware what niches you put there...
  • I got that same message with the edu blogs i hadnt even posted a link anywhere on the blog eithier and just manually writing artcles but i deiced i would just delete and move on because it seemed as though i i even dare post a outbound link i will get banned... straight away.
  • Thanks guys but there must be a way to do this....does anyone else know? Please help!
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    Yeah, you have to be really careful at edublogs in order to make it stick...

    All of these are somewhat dodgy and I don't know what the legal implications are (if there are any) and it's a lot of work...
    1. Find a list of tutors at your local college.  Find a teacher / tutor that fits your niche.  Set up a blog as that person with details about the college and their courses with content that they might realistically post - just rewrite what is available.  The key is then adding your link in a natural way that fits with the blog.
    2. Do the same but create the blog as a student on a course that fits your niche
    3. "how to" blogs tend to work
    4. Find local crafters/artisans/companies who hold courses/weekends away/etc to teach ppl how to do things and set up a blog with their details

    with edublogs the key is being as natural as you can

    Obviously it goes without saying that I would never impersonate anyone else on or offline...
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