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Error when export sitelist

halimpkhalimpk indonesia
When export identified sitelist, I have an error : Unable to save sitelist (Access violation at address 0041A5FC in module "Search Engine Ranker.exe" Write Address 00000010

Help me.


  • SvenSven
    Do you get this as a popup in SER or an exception with "send bugreport"? Maybe make a screenshot.
    Also please describe what exactly you click.

  • I click : GSA Options > Advanced > Tools > Export Site lists > Identified.
  • SvenSven
    Maybe too less memory available, size too big or no access rights!?
    What you can do instead is clicking on the "Open Folder" label next to the site list path and pack all files into a zip archive and rename that one to *.sl
  • Thank You Sven. Case Close.
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