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Nofollow redirects - worth it?

Are nofollow redirects worth creating/pass any link juice? or should we only be creating dofollow for SEO purposes? 


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    no to what question of the two? Well I see it differently. You still need NoFollow links for a good looking link profile.
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    edited December 2022
    "Are nofollow redirects worth creating/pass any link juice? "
    I sometimes wonder if Google actually sees it as we do.

    Has anyone done any real testing to see if nofollow links affect SERPs? And, this could change with time, potentially...
    Maybe at one time they worked for ranking, another period of time these links mattered, but a lot less, and still another time, NOFOLLOW  links might have no weight at all.

    How would we know without testing? I mean, the link is still there. How could it literally count for zero?
    Either way, having a balance of dofollow and nofollow has always been what we're told to do by the SEO experts.
  • Google’s official announcement stated, “For crawling and indexing purposes, Nofollow will become a hint as of March 1, 2020.”

    So in short, yes they will help. Prior to this announcement, their stance on nofollow links was that it had zero impact on rankings and passed zero link juice. Their stance has now changed (almost 3 years ago), and may change again in the future as they attempt to identify the different types of nofollow links.

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