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GSA Website Contact best practices questions and is it working?

Hello All,

I have done my share of research, guides, videos and questions on several forums.
However, at the end of the day practically no useful information is shared on HOW to use this product effectively in regards to best practices?? (which is weird).

For example, nobody can (or is willing?) to explain the following:

- Obviously I need to use a throwaway domain for the posting campaigns so as not to endanger my actual website. However, WHAT do you ask the prospect to do in the sales message, like ask him to reply back to your message and THEN provide him with the actual url of your landing page/website/CPA offer....or whatever?

- As we are posting to contact forms with this software, do we need to write many different variations of the sales message offer and also the subject line?

- What kind of reply email address do you use like Gmail or maybe a hosted domain email mailbox from a throwaway domain? And do you need only one or several per campaign?

- Is anyone also doing mailings DIRECTLY to email addresses using whatever products as well as posting to contact forms using GSA website contact,....and which method has the better responses in percentages?

- This is a LEGITIMATE question: I do see quite a few problems online with GSA website contact with users having bad results. Does this mean that people who have great results are just not giving any feedback??

- And last but not least: ANY OTHER best practice tips are also welcome please!

And as FINAL thought: I know the success with ANY "mailing" campaign largely depends on how well you can craft your sales message and MATCH it to your intended audience. With this part I might be able to help others.


  • Excellent questions, they are all important and I am also waiting to find an answer because everything is very ambiguous so far and my results were still not good...

  • Until now I only received PM messages, one asking me to join a telegram group, another trying to sell me a course.
    This negates the purpose of this forum completely where you supposedly should try to help others that post questions and in return try to help other members.
    It looks like everybody is holding their cards close to their chest instead.
    Maybe Sven could shed some light on online help resources for GSA Website Contact that I may not have found yet??
  • surely there are many tricks that nobody is going to give away, since as in SEO, whoever finds his method that allows him to position himself in first positions has gold in his hands.
    In that sense, here I am not sure if someone gives us the step to achieve successful submissions. But we can help each other, which is why I still consider it good to create a network of apprentices and for us to grow together.

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