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.prj [email_accounts] format

hi @sven,
I have some helper apps for managing GSA projects.
i see the [email_account] section of the prj file is has a strucutre (non text)
can you tell what it is, what are the fields, and field seperator?


  • SvenSven
    email 0xFF pop3/imap server 0xFF port 0xFF login 0xFF password(use ##password to indicate its uncrypted) 0xFF 1=ssl,0=no ssl 0xFF 1=checked, 0=not checked 0xFF 0=pop3, 1=imap
    Thanked by 1coral99
  • > (use ##password to indicate its uncrypted)
    ## after or before the password?
  • SvenSven
    before password
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