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Some way to check trafic

I think I'm not the only one with this problem - on most verified links, domains have 0 traffic (and also 0 effect from such resources). And I'm talking about contextual links and projects with settings aimed at the highest quality traffic. Is it possible to come up with some way to check the traffic of donors and thus be placed on sites that have at least a small amount of traffic?
At the moment, it takes me a lot of time to find better resources with at least some traffic and only then create a separate project and get links from them, which is also difficult.


  • cherubcherub
    You can use AlexaTrafficRank as a filter base via Settings > Advanced > Get PR for URLs/Filter and set your ranges to preferences. Or you can run your lists through a third party API that supplies traffic values, such as SEMRush or SimilarWeb, and filter out the domains you consider low traffic.
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