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GSA PI Wont read the new files coming from GSA SER Verified Folder

edited November 2022 in GSA Platform Identifier
Hello @Sven

I have one server building links and it sync the verified links to another server via dropbox. 

Now, I have GSA PI Installed on that another server and it is set to monitor the verified folder coming from Server 1 via dropbox. 

Now problem is. 
GSA PI wont read all the files. 

1. If I change one of the file name, it read that file. 
2. If I STOP the camapign and start again, it read all the files ... It wont work if I "Pause and restart"
3. If I close the PI and start again, it read all the files 

Once it read all the files, it wont read any new files coming into. 

Thing is, 
PI read the same name files created by itself so I dont think it is issue of same name BUT please dignosis it. I put so much time investigating it to make it work

Thanks and regards.


  • edited November 2022
    Here you can see, I am getting new files via Dropbox and the shown project is reading files from this folder. 

    But it will NOT read any file untill unless I STOP and restart camapign/software. 


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, but this is something I can not check now. Im sick at home and can only check ones im back in office. Maybe next week.
  • No problem @Sven ... I can live with that for now. Dont know when you added this BUT Amazing function btw

    Take care. 
  • The issue is not resolved yet 

    But I do create a batch file that changes the name of one random file after every 30 seconds. 

    I am good now. 
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