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failed no contact form found

failed no contact form found.
I am receiving this message on thousands of websites, I have tried on my own websites, where there is a contact form and it is visible but it continues throwing this status when trying to send.
Is there a filter that I am forgetting to configure so that it correctly detects the contact forms of each website?
Attached screenshot of my project configuration
I am using private proxies...


  • I am also reviewing this configuration and I find that there are the keywords to detect the forms of my website in Spanish "CONTACTO"

  • SvenSven
    Maybe it's your proxy setup that gives back no valid data.  Try to check the forms without proxy option turned on.
    "CONTACTO" is already part of the default list.
  • Thanks for your reply, I have tried removing the proxies to check the contact form url and it continues to say FAILED.
    What else can I try? I discovered this issue because it happened to me with thousands of wbesites and it generated distrust in me, I have something strange in my configuration. I have purchased proxies from which are usually very good. Maximum 10 threads at a time...
    In any case, without the proxy it doesn't find the contact form either...

  • I have discovered that GSA cannot find the url
    having as website like, something is not working and you can't crawl this section
    Since the url is entered in a new project with /contact then it does send.
    Why doesn't it track the url /contact? I guess this is happening to me with thousands of websites...

  • Here I attach screenshots of what happens, if I import the url with /contact it is sent, otherwise it is not

  • SvenSven
    I have imported your Root-URL and it worked fine for me. It was able to discover the URL and also was able to find the form.

    Have you disabled proxies for checking and just did this check only? If you have enabled proxies for sending, then it is also using them to discover the form as some kind of protection to not have your IP in some hidden form var when first discovering the forms. So in the end it might still be your proxies.
  • Thank you very much for your answer!
    Indeed, the problem was solved when I clicked on START campaign disabling using proxies... (for some reason when I right-clicked on the database record and clicked on SEND, I couldn't scrape it to the url /contact.)
    1- To send thousands of submit forms, isn't it risky to disable the use of proxies to scrape the search for the contact url?
    2- Should I in any case buy new proxies to solve it?
    3- The last one, is it not possible to use a proxy to scrape the location of the contact form, and others to make the submit?

    thanks so much Sven! you are the best!!!!!
    cheers from Argentina

  • SvenSven
    1. No, as scraping and checking will usually not leak your ip to the website owner
    2. yes for sending you should get stable proxies
    3. you can do so hy defining one type of proxies as private and the others as public and use or or the other type for special tasks.
  • ezequielezequiel argentina
    edited November 2022
    solved!! thanks for alll!!!
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