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Different proxies for different goals

I use stormproxies and they have different types of gateways:

Main Gateways, 3 Minutes Gateways and 15 Minutes Gateways

There is this warning:
"IMPORTANT: For scraping websites like Google search please use only main proxies!
If we notice any scraping requests with 3 and 15 minutes proxies, your access to our service will be terminated without previous notice!"

How can I set up different proxies for scraping and for site actions (verification, submission, etc.)?

By the way, my proxy works with bing, but don't with google. I'm trying to solve it. What can I do in settings?



  • SvenSven
    You can define one as private proxy and the other as public (even though it's technically not public).
    Then in the main GUI you set things up to use private proxies for one task and public for others.

    That google is not working might be due to the fact that this proxy is blocked there. If bing and ProxyJudge works, then it's for sure blocked on google only.
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