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In GSA Captcha ✅ CaptchaAI -Accurate 100% ⚡reCAPTCHA⚡ OCR Services - 7 Day Free Trial for GSA Users.

CaptchaAI in GSA Captcha Options!

The Accurate "reCAPTCHA" & "hCaptcha" OCR Services
We support reCAPTCHA , hCaptcha 100%, Solve Media, and 27,500+ image captchas.


CaptchaAI Emulator

Use this desktop app to emulate the Captcha solving process.

Are CaptchaAI Services Stable?
- Yes, our servers are 99.9% uptime.

Do You Offer Integration Support?
- Yes, we developed CaptchaAI emulator to be easy to connect with our services, however, we can offer more support in integrating using API.

What Are The Supported Payment Methods ?
You can use the PayPal subscription method to start your order. However, you can pay and add funds with Paypal, PayPro Global (Visa, Master, ...), or Bitcoin, then use your balance to make your order.
Also, You can contact us via ticket with your suggested payment option, we support a wide base of payment methods.

What happens If I Exceed My Captcha Threads Limit?
-The request will be refused.

How can I contact you?
Tickets & Live chat are available also.


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