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29,500 backlinks indexed by Google only 380 are do-follow

sakis1964sakis1964 denmark greece
edited November 2022 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I have 29,500 backlinks indexed by Google on my website in 3 weeks. The problem is that only 380 are do-follow links. Is there anything I can do in the GSA setup to collect more do-follow links?


  • its seems you are using seo power suite , that doesnt mean that links indexed on google, its index on thier platform , if you check on ahrefs you see different number of backlinks, 
  • s_matysiks_matysik
    These links are definitely indexed in Google? What did you check the indexation with?
  • Δεν είναι καλο τόσα backlinks  σε 1 βδομάδα!
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  • If you want to target dofollow only links using SER, you need to adjust your engine selection. Check the engines you're interested in, then right click > uncheck engines with nofollow links > select nofollow links from the dropdown list, uncheck the checkbox too
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  • sakis1964sakis1964 denmark greece
    Key search, backlink checker they are indexed 
  • sakis1964sakis1964 denmark greece
    the problem is that according to GSA SER I get 26% no follow and 74% follow, but after being indexed there are no do follow links, I do not really know what's going on.
    Only chief inspector Sven can give an answer to that
  • sakis1964sakis1964 denmark greece
    in 3 weeks i made 850000 backlinks, but i run this show with 1000 private proxies i produced myself

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