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GSA on money site directly and/or buffer sites or a combo ?

I'm still building my initial sites lists.
And before kicking things off for real, I was curious about Money Sites and Buffer Site usage.
Yes, I'm new to GSA hence my questions on other users' strategies.

Since GSA has such a diverse set of tools for posting to different engines :-

[1] Do you run projects directly using a client's money site URL?
    - If you do, what safeguards (if any) do you implement?
    - Are concerned, at all, with Google penalties?
[2] Do you only use buffer sites?
    - How many do you build out for a client/yourself with links to Money site?
    - Do you use a mix of buffer site platforms or stick to one (such as Wordpress, for example)?

Why am I asking? I was using Money Robot previously (and stupidly). Their strategy usually involved saying run campaigns directly to your money site. Building up such a huge number of toxic links, since all sites are owned by Money Robot, is not a good idea.

I'm just trying to get a feel for campaign types and what other successful and seasoned GSA SER users are doing. Campaign examples and/or references would be welcome (most I've found so far have been quite old).
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