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Extracting links from old Sick Submitter files?

I'm asking here as I want to grab these links to use in GSA, and there's a lot of guys here with the kind of specific techy skills that I lack...

Someone in a related fb group gave me a tip to use filext dot com which allows me to access the files but its all jumbled and a real mess...would love an easier, more efficient way to extract these biggy if not I'll just hand it off to a va but still...

Anyone use the old sick submitter software?

They had their own 'sick packets' that were some sort of custom/protected .sic file

I have a bunch of old folders and files that had successful link lists on them...and if that older software could get links on them...I'm assuming gsa definitely could as well

Problem is their software/website both seem to be long gone so I can't resub to load these files and extract my links

Trying to open them in notepad just has a bunch of garbled nonsense and I have no idea how or if its possible to view the links in these files? As noted above, I can technically view the data using that site but it takes some find/replace to get rid of spaces etc and is a pita...

Any ideas?



  • SvenSven
    provide such a file please to check.
  • cherubcherub
    The .sic files were like SER's engine files, detailing the workflow of how to submit. I think some of them had hardcoded target urls in them too that might be what @googlealchemist is referring to. I'll try and dig some out from old backups (like 10 years ago!)

    I kinda expect virtually all those sites to be dead now though
  • SvenSven
    yep in 10 years almost everything changed.
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