How to read random n lines and random_url is not working!

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Is that possible to read random n lines from file with spinfile ?

%spinfile-% - takes a random line in that file

or with any other way ?

And here the second question

For example i have 500 site urls like below{keyword1|keyword2}{keyword1|keyword2}{keyword1|keyword2}{keyword1|keyword2}{keyword1|keyword2}

I want to insert into article body part like below

article blblblbl %random_url% etc etc et %random_url%

wherever it see random_url, it is supposed to select a url from url list. but it must be a true random for each one and when inserting it is supposed to be use one of the anchors i defined

but i see empty result


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I think there is a issue with the %spinfile% and the combination:{keyword1|keyword2}#{kw3|kw4}

    @sven - as per latest PM I sent with access details to replicate the error. 
  • @AlexR for reading random n lines from the file , what project file do you need for what reason ?

    either  it is supported feature or not

    also copy paste above to your project and try yourself to see

    and the way i generated links field urls is correct not yours
    there is only 1 hashtag
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I am using macro in the URL field and its got a bug. So I figure the issue is the combination of %spinfile% and the URL#anchor format when used in conjunction. Which is something you're trying to do in a different scenario.
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