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Domain blocked

edited October 2022 in GSA Website Contact

I sent messages using proxies i bought from MPP and also without proxies because it was slow sometimes...

At first i was getting a lot of auto-responses, then they stopped. So i created another email address on the same domain. Still no auto-responses.

I used another email from another domain and the auto-responses started coming again.
My public IP is not fixed. If i restart my internet router, i get another IP. So i guess the domain got blocked somehow...

Do you know who blocked it and how i can avoid this in the future? The domain is Is it possible to unblock it?

I got this kind of errors sometime:

Thank you very much!


  • @Sven any idea pls?
  • SvenSven
    blacklisted: according to mxtools, it is not blacklisted.
    That error message is kind of normal with some search engines as they keep banning you for too many search queries for a short time. You can ignore that or increase the time in global options that have to pass between search queries.

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