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Securednet ~ Scene Hosting #BP Hosting for Pharma & more

Dear Community Members,


we offer Bulletproof Domains as well as Hosting & Dedi Server ;) at the moment


Eranet => 25€ .com/.net | 30€ => .biz | 5€ => .xyz | .info 30€ 

(no matter if Spam or DrugShop etc)

everything is allowed except CP & weapons


User Shop(WHMCS)



Fast Flux

(so you could spam without clicked until you drop ... no matter if Spamhaus or AH etc)


 Fast Flux

1 domain

Only 265€/mo.  


Fast Flux 

5 domains

Only 375€/mo.   


Fast Flux 

10 domains

Only 500€/mo.   


Fast Flux

Unlimited domains





Customers Recruit Customers => 10% for each purchase the recruited customer(on which the credit account!9


Paymenet Gateways 


Perfect Money



Jabber /

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