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authority links checker false negatives due to ssl

googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
edited October 2022 in GSA Content Generator

*edit/update* I guess the easiest solution without overthinking it here is just to do a find/replace of my text files full of any older links that may have been scraped before every site worth a damn started implementing ssl*edit/update*

i ran a bunch of authority links i had in a file and noticed the ones cg was marking as no longer good didnt make any sense


my best guess here is that the links were scraped before the big shift to ssl as thats the only issue i can see...the link works just fine with the https vs just http

but this is causing a lot of false positives for otherwise good links i want to keep and use


  • SvenSven
    In next update it will automatically update http:// to https:// if wanted. However, even with current version this URL is detected as being valid!?
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