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export url in single file automatically


I'm using the redirect url to help with indexing and submitting to the indexer.

To improve indexing, I would like to make some backlinks using the GSA SER, but when I automatically export it creates several .txt files and adds a comment at the beginning as I show in the image.

Is it possible to configure the URL redirect to export all urls in just 1 .txt file? So I can configure the GSA SER to pull this file that the URLs are created.

Thank you Sven


  • AllanAllan

    see image
  • SvenSven
    you can let it export to one file and then simply create a file with 0 byte before exporting and the header would not get written.
  • AllanAllan
    the uncomment part I understand, but how do I avoid creating multiple .txt files?
  • SvenSven
    when choosing the file name, you give it a fixed name and not some macros like %domain%.txt.
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