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Asocks: Pure, ultra-fast, residential HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy. 3$ per gb – is a provider of qualitative and fast proxy servers with their own infrastructure. We offer you real residential proxies at the lowest price: 3$ per 1 GB.

The ASocks proxies work perfectly with such targeted web-sites as: Facebook, Instagram, AliExpress, Amazon, Craigslist, Homedepot, Walmart, Aviasales, Trivago, Booking, Tripadvisor, Ozon, Wildberries, Indeed, AmazingHiring, CVHub, and others. 

Tests executed in Facebook showed that the accounts are not banned and blocked, the ad campaigns are thriving, and the leads are successfully generated due to application of the ASocks proxy servers.

Our users successfully use the ASocks proxy servers for the following software products: ZennoPoster, Rubot, Private Keeper, Ganesh Bot, Web Robots and other analogues.

Moreover, the ASocks proxy servers perform well with anti-detect browsers such as: Indigo, Incogniton, Multilogin, Dolphin и т.д.  

The ASocks infrastructure covers more than 7 millions of IP-addresses, registered in more than 150 countries all over the world. 

ASocks supports the protocols HTTP and Socks5. 

One of the ASocks‘ advantages is ASN targeting.  

In addition, ASocks offers the payment model “pay as you go”, which is offered by competitors even more rarely than the high-quality service. 

One more advantage of the ASocks service refers to the referral system that allows replenishing balance by attaining new customers.

In conclusion, ASocks ensures refund of the advance payment if the proxy servers are not suitable. 

In summary:

  • ASocks offers the lowest prices - 3$ per 1 Gb;

  • ASocks has a low entry threshold and automatic activation;

  • ASocks covers more than 7 millions of IP-addresses;

  • ASocks offers the “pay as you go” model and payment by actual volume of traffic to be used.   You can use the volume that you have paid for!

  • ASocks guarantees 99.7% of successful connections;

  • ASocks supports the protocols HTTP и SOCKS5;

  • ASocks brings various options of payment;

  • ASocks ensures 24/7 technical support.

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