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Proxy Timeouts

Hi there Sven - When a Proxy Times out, it just Times out.

1. Is there anyway of knowing the time out?
2. I mentioned this before, but is there anyway you can Add a display to know what Proxy IP is in use without having to open the  Settings / Current Proxy Box?
3. I have solved the Proxy Scanning Mode, so now I get reliable stable Proxies



  • SvenSven
    1. I have added a mouse over hint when the proxy was issued.
    2. Next update will let you move the display from settings to main form via popup menu.

  • Awesome Sven,

    I really appreciate that

    Stay Safe
  • edited October 2022
    Hi Sven

    I have just downloaded the Update, and the "Proxy in use" bubble is so good
    Its often the simple things that really make something great

    Proxy Scraper is getting Better and Better, and more accurate, even the Scanning for New Proxies is working 100% better

    Thanks again for listening to your Customers
    I will Recommend this App if people Ask.

    Stay Safe !!
  • Hi Sven

    Just a small issue, is that the Bubble dosnt seem to Refresh in "Real Time"
    1. If I go back to the other box, ie NO Bubble the IP shows
    Just thought I would mention that, as its a great Feature, and really makes the Desktop so much Cleaner

  • SvenSven
    you are right, I was updating this only when the config form was opened. This is of course not what you want if the stats is on main form. I will update it now.
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  • Thanksyou Sven
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