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Insert macro >> %spinfile% in URL field is possible?

Hello everybody,

I use GSA to do tier 2/3 for my RankerX backlinks.

However I do about 10,000 backlinks from RankerX.

The problem is that when I import these backlinks into the GSA SER project, the campaign is extremely slow due to the amount of backlinks.

I did a test and split each project with 1000 backlinks, tier 2 is working much faster, however I need 10 GSA SER projects to make all backlinks.

My suggestion is that if possible add the possibility of "Insert macro >> %spinfile%" also in the URL field.

This functionality works well for keywords, so we can let the GSA SER work faster.

Is there a possibility to add this feature?



  • SvenSven
    works there as well.
  • AllanAllan
    When clicking with the right button, the "insert macro" option does not appear
  • AllanAllan

    How do I select this option?
  • AllanAllan

    See that in the Keyword field, I can do it, but in the case of URLs it is not possible
  • AllanAllan
    I just added the .txt file path of all urls and the GSA SER identified it.

    I found the solution.

  • SvenSven
    just put it manually like #file[c:\temp\my_urls.txt]
    I will add a menu option for next update when pressing EDIT.
  • AllanAllan
    when I go to insert macro, it gives me this model:


    is correct?
  • SvenSven
    will work as well.
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