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Need advise in building articles/contextual Tier 1 links

ArtemArtem Ukraine
edited September 2022 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I want to build links using engines that support articles/profiles posts. I was tried using payd site list with donors. At the begining i had next output: 1500+ verified links per 24 hours  per one project. After some time site list gets shorter cause system skip some donors that gets spammed. Now i have about 600 verified links per 24 hour. And after GSA SER finish that site list - linkbuilding speed becomes very slow, nearly 2-3 links per 24 hours. How can i improve  that result? Without buying new site list. May be you have some suggestions. Im trying to understand what variables had influense on linkbuilding speed on thats type of Tier 1 projects. 
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