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Make GSA SER Great again, Contextual links for all (SERAGAIN)

I have been working for a few months on a project to create Webs 2.0 for GSA SER.

Today the alpha stage is over, and it is now possible to publish contextual links with a decent appearance.

Currently, one of the most successful SEO strategies is Contextual Links + GSA SER.

The idea is to have between 10 and 100 web 2.0 sites in which to publish the links.

Currently I have several money sites that are profitable thanks to this technique.

I'll leave the engine in pastebin for those who want to try.

About 10 websites would cost about 200 dollars a year, why would I ask them for a collaboration to finish this project, then I can publish the link on patreon.

I would be very interested in knowing your opinions about this project.

Thanks in advance.


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