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Running Multiple GSA Website Contact Projects- Threads, Proxies, RAm, etc.

1) I'm looking to run multiple projects on machines and hoping you can help with some practicle rules to start: Machine example:  16 GB Ram, 160GB SSD, 8vCore.  400 GB Bandwidth Aynsycronus
2) How many projects could be run & at what thread count?
3) # of proxies recommendation?  Provider recommendation?


  • SvenSven
    1) specs sound good to me
    2) there is no thread limit but you should stay below 3.8gb of ram usage
    3) 10 threads are good for 1 proxy
  • @Sven -Thanks I see proxy settings here...

    1) If using private proxies how do I adjust setting to 10 threads for 1 proxy
    2) Say I got 100 Private proxies and I'm running 4 projects...  am I distributing the Private proxies as 25 per project OR just importing all 100 into each seprate project and somehow making a setting to randomize the proxies?

  • edited September 2022
    @Sven - 3) For sending 1 MIL contact forms how many private proxies is recommended please?
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