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RankerX vs GSA SEO Indexer vs GSA URL Redirect PRO

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the bad english.

I still can't submit the RankerX URLs to index in the GSA SEO Indexer and GSA URL Redirect PRO.

Has anyone managed to get the service to work?

I'm emulating onehourindexing, Index Inject, and Lindexed.

RankerX doesn't ship to the GSA programs, I'd love to make this work.

I've done everything and followed the guidelines of the topic below, but still no success.

It is indexing backlinks every day, it would be important to have this functionality working 100%

Can someone help me?




  • does it really work ?those indexing ? its better make a gsa T2 campaign  and run for a day . see  the results 
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