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problem with yahoo email

Hello all, 

1st time website submitter user here.

Trying to get my yahoo email address to interact with the software. 


Here are the settings i have found for a yahoo mail: 

POP settings for Yahoo Mail

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

  • Server -
  • Port - 995
  • Requires SSL - Yes

so i did this (as well as email address and pwd of course):

with or without "requires SSL/TLS" it crashes.

Do i need to remove "pop" from

Any help would welcomed


  • SvenSven
    what error message do you get?
  • ralphy1976ralphy1976 vienna
    edited September 2022
    here is what i get: 



    Also, i ran the link report for 17h and it didn't find anything at all. I didn't take a screenshot. I added the txt file of all the links successfully submitted for reference.

    I suspect i need to wait a little bit to see if those links are present or no.

    Like, i said, this is my 1st time with this software, so any help additional to the tutorials would be great.

  • SvenSven
    You have to enable pop3/smtp usage in options when logged in. / Also you might have to open this URL to change security Some emails allow access through pop3/smtp only when paying for it
  • thanks for the quick reply, Sven.

    There isn't an option to have a pop3/smtp usage when i go there.

    This the "option" menu you were referring, right?

    I may have to get the SER emails the forum is advertising!!

    Also, any ideas why after 17hrs i didn't get any links confirmed. Here is the setup i used:

  • SvenSven
    I meant yahoo in browser -> settings.
  • got you. will try this.

    What about the link report. Any reasons why i couldn't find any of the link that were successfully submitted yesterday?

    link report ran for 17hrs on the 1st 5 sites where it successfully submitted links and couldn't find any

  • SvenSven
    First you need to validate the submission (link in email). Then you also need to wait till it's live. That can sometimes take several weeks.
  • ok, i validated all of them by hand yesterday (no BL, no capcha) because i wanted to see what was going on. 

    I'll be patient then.

    Thanks for the great customer super btw, much appreciated

  • SvenSven
    your welcome
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