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Whats happend to my Purchase?

edited March 2013 in Need Help

Today I purchased: 

  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Captcha Breaker
  • SEO Indexer

I have been waiting all day, about 9 hours already for the license keys,
Share-It sent me a confirmation email with my order number but when I log into
the share-it account there is no order, the email said that there is a small
delay and I should not pay try again.

Anyone have a clue how long this will take, I spent all day setting up the demo
versions and would like to get it going now.

ps. training videos, super useful and great time passer while I




  • welcome to the community:)

    Im sure sven will send you codes very soon, he runs a very tight ship:)

    I got my license code within few mins of ordering on similar email from shareit, code was near bottom of the email from memory.
  • Thanks very much for your reply and warm welcome :)

    i look forward to being an active member here and contribute wherever I can.

  • SvenSven

    Sorry Im still sick and will reply to your email later on. For everyone else having simular issues.

    1. Orders are not checked by us but an external company. Even if I would like to, I can not speed things up or influence anything here.

    2. Always send me your order number and/or email used while ordering.

    3. I reply only to the email used in the order to send license data.

    4. Please don't discuss license related things on the forum as you would not see me replying here. always use my email from our webpage.

  • Thanks for the Help sorry for posting in the forum but at least it might help others now :)

  • same thing happened to me i try to buy all free products at least 5 times thru paypal. long story cut short contacted my bank and they had put a ban on my card so no online purchases for me got the ban lifted got all products in a matter of minutes. once you make a payment you should have all the getting started email license keys and everything in minutes. try contacting your bank you never know...

  • Yeah It's all sorted, it was a Paypal  / Share-IT thing that they needed to resolve.
  • great stuff now ur on board read the link per minute thread all 8 pages hehe. And all the other treads suggested to in that thead will cut your learning down by 6 months leeg is a beast oh and u ron a smaller beast lol.
    if u think buying gsa ser seo indexer and cb will get u number 1 without knowledge u are mistaken lol. talk soon.
  • Thanks very much for the heads up, I read lots on the forum
    and watched all the videos before I purchased it, I have it setup on a VPS with
    20 Private Proxies pushing links to my 50k Phantoms, seems to be going quite
    well at the moment, i'm not scaling it as the phantoms are fresh built and I
    dont want them de listed before the even get indexed. lol

    Over all I'm very impressed and it seems to be working very well but I guess
    proof will be in the phantom traffic.

    Just as a matter of interest does anyone build links to 301's?

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