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Doing Wrong Submissions


In the GSA website contact, I've uploaded my own unique URLs list for submission. 

But it has submitted the message to a website multiple times that too around 150 times, I'm continuously receiving their autoresponder messages for the form submission. 

@sven I'm facing this issue for the first time, can you tell me why is it happening? 
Is there any setting that I need to change to stop submitting the message to the same website again and again?

One more shocking part is when I'm exporting URLs list in google Sheets and checking to see how many times it has been submitted to that particular website. There is no entry for that website.  

I'm not able to understand how it has submitted the message to the website if I've not imported that website's URL into the project. 

Does anyone else is experiencing the same issue?

I've also checked for the redirects for that website but there are no entries for those also. 


  • SvenSven
    edited September 2022
    By default, there is no way how a site can be in a project more than ones.
    However, the contact form can point to a different website than the one it is placed on. This can be detected and filtered out in project options as well (submission data -> Submission URL must be Website URL).
    Then there is the ability that different projects can have the same URL in the site listing and so they can submit to the same site. BUT even that is covered in global options.
    If thats not the case, then there might be different sites with same email behind it.
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