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"create report" not working

Hi @Sven not sure if i did anything wrong, but I have been trying to index multiple URLs to "links that can accept deep links". I checked on "create report" and set to download as .txt file in a specific folder.

but after gsa SEO indexer finishes the submission for multiple URLs, I can only see the URLs in the box, no reports of URLs created earlier by gsa SEO indexer are found in the folder.

i tried using the "export" function but no new files are created.

What I would like to do is to send these links created in gsa SEO indexer for indexing. thanks!


  • SvenSven

    just tested this locally again and it was working fine for me. Maybe it's some kind of access restriction on that folder?
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  • when i check "create report", does the software export the URLs automatically after its done?
  • SvenSven
    It is constantly writing to the file ones a new link was verified (seen in GUI).
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