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trial version only lasts 30 minutes & does it seperate dofollow & nofollow

the trial version only lasts 30 minutes instead of 5 days & is there an option within it to only keep the dofollow urls ?

& how accurate is that & how does it identify the dofollow/fofollow urls ?


  • SvenSven
    Why your trial expired early is unknown to me. Im sorry about that but it can now not be reversed and all you can do is trying to run the trial on a new system.
    A DoFollow Filter does not exists in GSA Platform Identifier, but it exists in GSA Search Engine Ranker.
    This filter is however not 100% accurate. It will check all external links and guess what of the links are set as rel="dofollow" and what new links might get the same attribute.
  • ok, thank you, i have enclosed a screenshot of the 30 minutes message, in the bottom right hand corner, i tried it twice, with the 2 different download links on the page, the first one i cancelled & uninstalled & this is the second, it was working, but had a countdown of 30 minutes,

  • SvenSven
    Thats actually normal sorry, but you should have seen what the program can do by now and decide if it's worth the money or not.
  • ok, thank you, someone mentioned it might have a skip no follow button or something like that ?
    i dont know if this rings any bells , its just that the nofollow bit was quite important to me.
  • SvenSven
    Thats implanted in GSA Search Engine Ranker but only checking while submitting.
  • i bought the software & have watched the tutorials  etc.

    but on the enclosed screenshot it says 2382 "recognized" urls, but not assigned them to any platform.

    that isnt right is it ?

    the 137 blacklisted ones are i think where it is doing the same urls , as i have ticked the 2 boxes relating to that.
  • sorry forgot to post screenshot

  • sorry, ive got another question.

    at the moment it is making the lists of identified urls in the folder & seperating these into the various platforms.

    i am then using a project to take the urls from these platform lists & verify the urls.

    is it possible to import directly into the verification project from platform identifier ?
    or vice versa & export from platform identifier into the verification project ?

  • is there anything to stop it having cpu suges, because i have brought the number of threads down, but that doesnt seem to stop it
  • that should be cpu surges
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