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GSA Website Contact v4.63 Finishes a few seconds after hitting 'start'

Progress message:  'BREAK: schedule_importmin=0 2'  : next line: "Work Finished"

I am unsure why this is happening. I hit start, scrapes/checks/sends for a few seconds, status moves to "finished"

I am doing "Scrape + check + send (do all)". I am not using a custom imported list. I am targeting for one keyword "Marketing Agency", 10 search engines (most international on google, bing, yahoo). No custom scheduling parameters for scraping or sending, only websites in english from the United States. I have 55 proxies I uploaded before starting this campaign that were all checked and working fine. I re-checked them and all 55 still seem to be fine. I also have an anti-captcha API. 

Can someone please help? Thank You


  • SvenSven
    You wrote by email as well and I replied there. Most likely a proxy issue where the software gave up.
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