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''Insert table of content" without relation to the thematic

FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
edited September 2022 in GSA Content Generator
Hi @Sven ,
There is a little problem in the creation of the titles
There are titles that have nothing to do with the thematic of the articles

For me, it's marketing and there are titles about war or covid

In addition, there is a mixture of language (French English)


  • SvenSven
    Hmm thats all from the article itself. If it's misplaced, then it'S the article itself being wrong.
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  • Hi @Sven ,
    As always, my problems come from Add-In data settings
    As I didn't understand everything, I have to do some tests with the different options

    A documentation would be welcome for the non experts ;)
  • SvenSven
    OK, so maybe I should add some tests for the AddOns for proper language and stuff?
    And yes a manual for this is maybe needed, but than again, it's all also written in the ini files itself.
  • @Sven ,

    Yes, a language check would be welcome

    For the updated documentation, I did not find
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