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GSA CB Problem with Traffikbuster

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Hi guys, I use gsa cb with traffikbuster my problem is this:
After setting gsa cb as software to solve CAPTCHAs with TraffikBuster i do the connection test >>>>> Solver Connection Work Correctly! (
so far everything is ok!)

When I start TraffikBuster
can't connect to gsa cb and doesn't solve any captcha whit this error:  "Could not register new account. Function exception; Stringa non riconosciuta come valore DateTime valido." (my pc is set in Italian language) then >>>> "Could not register new account. Function exception;String is not recognized as a valid DateTime value."

I tried with other paid services like deatbycaptcha or manual and work fine......I contacted TB support and They replied me that only I have this problem....

where I am wrong?



  • the strange thing is that I use gsa cb with senuke xcr and work fine! only with TB have this problem.....
  • SvenSven
    I don't know TB so I can't help you here. Maybe someone else from our customers using it as well?
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