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''Insert table of content'' from ''titlegen.dat''

Hi @Sven ,

For the function ''insert table of content'', it is possible to have an option to use titles from ''titlegen.dat''
If the number of titles is limited, take some at random

This will allow, not to see the name of companies found in articles displayed by google in its displays in its search engine


  • SvenSven
    but this would render the article content totally unreadable no!?
  • Hi @Sven ,

    As it is, it could not change anything for you in the creation of the article.
    And even, do not change anything to your development.

    Just let the choice to insert titles from ''titlegen.dat'' with a variable of x titles

    We will have the choice and it will avoid having problems with one of my competitors

    Example of a Google search result :

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