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Can You Please Stop Harassing Me?

Firstly appologies to @Sven for this little rant, but it needs to be done.

I seem to be having a real issue here with one of the forum users. It has now become harrassment and I'm not tolerating it anymore.

I used to be quite active on here and shared my strategies quite openly to help others. Unfortunately it got to a point where I just get bombarded with questions everday from lots and lots of different people that seem never ending. I answer one question and it's quickly followed by another question. So I had to stop helping people as I have my own life and work to get on with. I can't spend my entire time on this forum, on skype, on telegram on whatsapp answering questions.

So one particular user on here was told many times, " I will not help you anymore". After ignoring my request, he continued asking questions on skype to the point where I had to block him. A few days later he starts messaging me on telegram with more questions about my strategy. Again I refused to respond and politely told him "No, I'm not helping you."

Some weeks ago I had a prospective client contact me on whatsapp asking questions about my services and strategies, pretending to need this data to show his boss in an attempt to convince him to sign up with my services. Being as open as I am with my clients I shared a lot of data with him about current projects and results. Today I discover that this client is actually the same forum user that had been blocked on skype, only because he used his name on the whatsapp account and the welcome message is in French.

@draculax Please stop harassing me!

You will never succeed in SEO if your strategy is to deceive people inorder to steal their SEO strategies. What works today may not work tomorrow. You need to have the ability to test and experiment so that you can analyse your results in rankings. This is how you become a better SEO. Not by stealing and deceiving!

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to review my processes for taking on new clients so that I can avoid such fraudsters. This also just gives me one more reason not to help anyone anymore, which is a real shame.
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  • This is the result for wanting to help people honestly. But real life shows that you should only help people who also give something back without expecting anything. Glad to know talented people like you man. Keep skyrocketing it up and forget this crap people.
  • Yeah that fella was always wanting to be spoonfed, but what you've just described is totally unacceptable.
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  • specspec Canada

    It’s so sad, but true, that there are people out there who abuse other people’s generosity. Sickseo has been very helpful and generous. If not because of people like him and Sven, I would have given up on using GSA.

    I’d suggest sickseo organize PAID Q&A and/or training zoom sessions. This way we keep learning from him and he gets compensated for his time, experience and knowledge

    Just my 2 cents

  • SvenSven
    @sickseo Im sorry to hear that. But yes, I get what you mean. Some people really don't want to read tutorials, nor watch videos or educate themself or even get educated and learn. All they want is getting spoon-feed.
  • I appreciated your helpful posts @sickseo and @Sven, the methods you've shared, and the evidence that success is possible.

    I haven't implemented much yet, but after doing much more research, I plan on promoting my site much differently than anything I've read. A lot of what people post is outdated and did work for them in the past and they share it because it's no longer effective.
    By the sounds of it, some people need to realize that they need to have some level of understanding of the methods and uniqueness in their campaigns in order to succeed.
  • I understand your decision, even though it is a great pity.

    You have given this forum - and individual issues - so much information and value to digest and apply instead of asking for more and more.

    Some people never understand when it's time to stop asking for free services or finally buy a service - and the prices on your site are very reasonable.
    I see it with my free demos, but they are not very time consuming for me. People sign up with different accounts for another free demo instead of paying $2 for a working service.

    I had GSA SER defeated in some BHW threats these days, got nasty comments from various link sellers BUT also some serious PMs with requests. I have asked these people to visit your site. Hopefully this will lead to some paid orders.
  • @sickseo instead of doing this for free, will you be open to sell a pdf or video instead? For one I will be happy to pay. Win win for everyone
  • Sven said:
    @sickseo Im sorry to hear that. But yes, I get what you mean. Some people really don't want to read tutorials, nor watch videos or educate themself or even get educated and learn. All they want is getting spoon-feed.
    @Sven I am New To gsa Ranker How can I Get Knowledge About the Strategy and How to Run Gsa ranker Tie 2 and all Can You Tell Me Please

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