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How to control E-Mail checking interval ?

First of all, i love this forum because i think here i'll find a lot of new geniusly insane people :smiley:
I have a few question about GSA SER.

1. How to control the e-mail checking process and intervall ?
Let's say i've got 100 Submissions and i want to imediately check them. Is there any config for that in GSA SER ?
It should pause, get the confirmation links, delete the mails and resume the project again.

2. How to put for example 1000 Redirects on 1000 different Blogs ?
I've got over 1000 Blogs and i'd like to pull in 1000 Redirects to each of them. In the field url i can put in all redirects for one blog, but if i have 1000 Blogs i would have to put in 1 million urls right? I think this would just end up in freezing GSA. In this case, would there be a way to automatically work through 1000 Redirects for each Blog and just grab the next one without to changing them 1000 times ?

Thank you for everyones help ! 



  • SvenSven
    1. It makes not much sense to check emails instantly. Usually emails get sent delayed or arrive late, if they are sent automatic at all. It really makes sense to wait at least 5 minutes or longer and collect all the new sent emails from submissions and check them. All new emails need to be checked anyway and during this check, no further submissions can start. Keep the checkup set to automated and it's all fine. You can however set a fixed interval in settings but it really makes little to no sense.

    2. Thats not supported and a waste of resources and SEO work.
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