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Login throug RDP

I want to logout of my home pc gsa website contact software and login through the remote RDP , Can I use both at the same time if not then how to logout of my home PC gsa website contact software.


  • SvenSven
    You can't use the license on two or more systems at a time as this is a strict 1 PC (PC as in regular one or VM / VPS) license.
    You have to quit the program from one system before using it on another.
  • afridiafridi Pakistan
    Sir I Quit the program from my pc and now when i try to register on rdp i put the correct serial number and when click on register it says "Now restart the program" but when I close the program it again says for registeration.

  • cherubcherub
    Make sure you run the program on your RDP as Administrator
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