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Not working

ZeviousZevious Reno
edited August 2022 in Need Help
I am using Gsa Ser and gsa Proxey scraper and gsa captca. but no mater what setting I use this is all i seem to get. I have tired various setting and this seem to be in some sort of loop. No matter what tutorial i follow or the fast and dirt get up and running or some of the older ones this is all i am geting all any help would be apperciated. 


  • SvenSven
    You have over 8000 proxies added. The majority of them is not working. Please test your proxies first.
  • Ok thank for the help I got New toy syndrom. 
    How many proxies should I limit my self to?
    Should I be testing them I am testing them in proxy scraper should I test again in Ser?
  • SvenSven
    Well get as many as you common calculation is to use 1 thread for 10 threads.
    Though it's not a matter of how many proxies you have, but how stable and fast they are. You better try to use some proxies who are both.
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