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How to Make Pingback Backlinks

Hi, I bought GSA for making pingback backlinks that my competitor makes and I fetch all URLs from ahrefs and import targeted URLs in GSA and use pingback engine but GSA shows no engine matches, so what's wrong with my setting plz help me thanks


  • SvenSven
    give me one URL where you think it has a pingback method but SER does not recognize it.
  • edited August 2022
    people make pingbacks without making their link on own site how to do that, when i import target urls it says sometime no matches engine and sometime shows gsa matches engine but failed. Please guide me how to make pingbacks

  • SvenSven
    I have fixed some problems on this engine for next update.
  • when this update comes?
    can you set my gsa for pingback using zoom or any screen sharing app please
  • SvenSven
    I will release it later today
  • I update the GSA today but still i have identified pingack urls that shows no match engine or download failed message please help me
  • SvenSven
    Please check your network or proxy setup. That URL you posted earlier as a sample also worked fine for me on the first run. All I did is improving the "success detection" for the new update.
  • I have private proxies and bought gsa captecha breaker yesterday but not getting success to make pingback and trackback links, i have my own list that I imported. There is no money back option so what i do, kindly help me to figure out the problem
  • SvenSven
    PINGBACK is special and you need to have a link on your webpage in order to be accepted. So you might trick here when using the target URL as parameter in your link you submit, but thats a different story.
    TRACKBACK should work fine even though it's not a strong backlink type. If you think SER should have submitted to a site but it didn't, then please send me that URL (verified manually).
  • What king of trick that is to use pingback, i see many sites make pingback backlinks on my targeted urls but i cant please help me
  • Thanks for your reply sir, I read all things and understand that I must put other site links on my site for which I want to make pinback backlinks, can you guide me about how to use special URL with a parameter to insert links in my site, I just need pigback backlinks so i need to understand how this works , please help
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