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How to import wordai articles ?

i looked on gsa ser under "article manager" & there is no mention of "word ai"
so i was womdering how to import articles.

i want to make a load of wordai articles for the various projects i have on wordai, & just import them once, not continuously import them, because i am just going to get wordai for a while & make some articles & import into gsa, so how do i do this on gsa ser (just import the article into project) without having a login for wordai, because i will only have wordai for a bit.


  • Wordai is a spinner/rewriter so is listed under the 'Spin' button when you're editing an article in the article manager.
  • what are you talking about ?

    where is that for each individual project ?

    & under "article manager" it has onther spinners & content generators,

  • WordAI is a spinner/content rewriter. You use it to spin/rewrite content already in a SER project.

    1) add an article to the article manager, then click edit

    2) select Word AI from the spin button

    You enter your WordAI credentials via the 'spin config' option that is below the 'Spin' button.
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  • thank you for your detailed & very helpful reply.
    i was waiting until i had access to wordai until i responded here in case i had any more questions,

    when i went to use wordai, i didnt know it recomends to only use 4 spins for each article, if i had of known that i might not have got it,
    i got it because i thought it was the best ,based on reviews, but when you compare the same parts of sentences that are the same in each subsequent spin, it doesnt look that good.

    & if you can only do 4 spins then i will have to do it manually & just make loads of articles, instead of making loads of articles from one article.

    i was looking forward to using wordai, but it seems to be a bit of a let down.

    has anyone got any ideas on the quality of content needed for tier 2 ?

    money site
    tier 1
    tier 2

  • i just did another article in wordai & the first sentence for the first 3 paragraphs are all the same on all 4 articles it made, it is a big let down
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