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Marvin0312Marvin0312 atlanta
edited August 2022 in Need Help
Hi All,
Ok I have my  url coming from a paid list provider. However it seems that  at the moment This list is NOT getting to submitted or verified status. They say its not them?  Below you see is a sample. At the very bottom this is what I am getting from them. GSA  doesn't not do anything past that point.. any help? all its  is doing is just loading from the list 


  • SvenSven
    According to log, it seems that all entries from that list have been parsed already. Try doing the following:
    • right click on project->modify project->delete target url history
    • right click on project->import target urls->from site list->...import directly from the one you want to proceed
  • I am getting the same issue on some projects:

  • Ok did it .. got movement.. ill update you
  • Boom!-- you're the man!
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