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How to get quality backlinks on GSA

how to find good quality backlinks such as comments, profiles, rss, and others, with DA 90 or DR 90 of course DoFollow.  experts please answer.


  • The quickest way to get filtered backlinks with high 3rd party metrics is buying a list service that offers DA/DR filtering.

    But you should get rid of the fantasy that there is an abundance of DA90/DR90+ dofollow links out there that can be gained via automation.
  • Backlinks such as comments, profiles is an opposite of quality links. From my long testings I have found only Wordpress Article engine can give dofollow quality links - the same as guest posts. Of course DA and DR will be random. And it is a waste of resources - because very small amount of WP sites allow to post articles.
    You can post the same well formatted (with headings, images) articles on several profile engines too (dofollow) - but permalink will be
    Google gives zero value to profile links. It can be good for anchor text diversification.
  • Buy a link-list service is always the easiest solution.

  • Nefelim said:
    Buy a link-list service is always the easiest solution.

    Paid link lists usually has near to zero Wordpress Articles links (real verified).
    But you can get tons of comments, profiles, etc links.

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