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I am not getting much verified links

I am using private proxies ( and have set up my project and have blog comments, articles, forum, wiki, social bookmark, social network, web 2.0 checked as where to submit target url. And have selected 30-40 engines. My submitted urls are around 250 and verified is only 3, what to do now. I am getting a lot of no engine matches, download failed, 000/000 page end results. Out of those submitted 250 urls, 230 are blog comments. How should I proceed further. 

Please see the attached screenshots below to get an idea of my project setting 

Advanced settings

Submission Settings

Options settings

Option Settings


  • You've got a few settings that are slowing you down, such as PR checking. Might not be worth it.

    If you right click on your Project and select Show Urls -> Show Stats about Remaining Target Urls, how many target URLs do you have? The URL scraper (which is searching on all those search engines and probably getting blocked/captcha'd often) in GSA is something I stopped using pretty early. You can remedy this by purchasing a list of target urls and import them.

    You can also re-use your target urls if you check that box next to "Identified" on your first screenshot and then, inside your project setting under "How to get Target URLs" you check "Use URLs from Global Site lists" and select Identified/Verified (whatever you need).

    You didn't mention if you have any Captcha settings. You are going to need to solve captchas on any site that's worth posting to. You'll need GSA Captcha Breaker, Xevil, or a subscription to one of the services like 2captcha

    Good luck
  • I really appreciate your advice, @zentech. It's been very helpful. 

    For captchas, I forgot to mention that I use GSA Captcha Breaker and 2Captcha for failed ones. Could you please let me know if I should use Scrape Box to harvest links or buy verified link lists? 

    I have some competitor backlinks. So do I need to import the full backlink or only the referring domain into GSA? 

    Lastly, I would like to know which email service I should use. Presently, I use Gmail with app passwords, and yesterday I set up a catch-all email for one domain. So should I continue to use catch-all emails or should I switch to another email service?   
  • I've been scraping/harvesting my own lists for a while and think I have it going well. But I'll tell you that is an art unto itself and takes a lot of hardware, bandwidth, and time to learn the lessons and get right. I use a combination of Scrapebox, Hrefer, and GSA SER. It's far cheaper to buy your first list in my opinion so you can spend more time working on making useful backlinks for yourself.

    You could use the "import, identify platform and sort in" feature in GSA and see if it can identify your competitor's backlink engines and use them for posting. It's possible you'll need to clean them up, like cut the URLs down to the root domain to get the best results. But you might need to play around with it a bit to get the most in there.

    The theory with email services is that strange one-off email addresses are easy for site owners to blacklist, even well after you've successfully made the backlink, causing your posts/links to get deleted quickly and wasting your time. If you use a shared email service, another SEO's spammy forum posts might get his email domain blocked, taking yours with because you shared domain name.

    Gmail will never get blacklisted but... Gmail themselves might ban your addresses. I'd think you could easily get 50k to 100k backlinks out of an address before it's time to switch however so wouldn't recommend worrying much about this until you're spending too much time trying to get email addresses from Google.

    I used my own sendmail server with a bunch of cheap domain names and rolled my own catch-all email system

  • Hi @zentech
    Thanks for your valuable information it helped me a lot. I've recently started scraping using Scrape Box but my proxies are getting banned and I'm not sure which proxy provider to use. First I was using  10 semi-dedicated proxies with 1 connection but it was only able to scrape for hardly 2-3 minutes. 

    So can you recommend which proxy service I can use? 

    And can you please suggest to me which keywords I should use if I don't want niche-specific links for scraping from scrapebox?

  • Hello,
    you can try ip royal they are quite strong proxy!
    their speed and extremely fast 

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