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backconnect rotating proxy

I'm trying to use backconnect rotating proxies ( 10 pieces)  that get a new IP every 5-10 mins. 
How can I set that in the bot so it won't stop due to unavailable proxy. 

I want him to try again those ports in X minutes.  once the new 10 are bad for scraping again, to retry in 5 minutes for new ones .


  • SvenSven
    Oh well, if a proxy is banned, it will try another one until it gives up on the 3rd try. BUT if there are no left search engines/keyword/proxy combinations, it will load the whole set again and start from the beginning. So it will work OK in my eyes.
  • tweaked the settings a bit and seems to be working ok now. it keeps retrying rather than deleting the ports, so does what it should.
  • SvenSven
    your welcome! :)
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